Play The Play:
immerse into the show
Discover a new way to enjoy a story. Immerse yourself into fully interactive worlds of contemporary theater performance.
Theater you can play with
Speak with the characters, affect the plot, play your role. Don't just watch the show — be a part of it.
Stories are now Series
Let every story to be told without limits. Immerse yourself into the world, get familiar with characters and circumstances. Each play will consist not of 2 or 3 acts, as you used to, but of 8-10 episodes, as is common on Netflix or Amazon Prime.
Don't buy a ticket. Subscribe to everything.
Why to choose from different series if you can participate all of them? Pay monthly for viewer's or player's plan and enjoy every show you have time for.
Made in Ukraine
During ongoing war with Russia
Interactive Onstage Series is a project of Theatre #7. First interactive and immersive repertoire theatre in Ukraine, born in Odessa.

You can donate us if you can.
Donate Theatre #7
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